What diet plan is the best plan?

What diet is the best diet???

This is a common question that I get asked all the time. The complex answer is , the program that works best for you. People think, well shit that didn’t help, thanks a lot. The truth is diet does require some trial and error. There are some solids truths in nutrition like calories in need to be less than Calories out and a calorie is a calorie is not true. That is a whole other topic so please ask questions if you need some clarification on how each macro effects the body differently.

There are so many programs to follow it can get overwhelming. I try and tell people to pick a plan that you think fits your lifestyle and schedule and go for it. So if a low carb “paleo” program fits give it a whirl. I personally do like the paleo program for most people. That being said if you are looking to put on mass that program isn’t inline with your goals. If you are motivated and geek out on numbers count your macros. This does require a lot of time initially to get going but it works well for many people.

In a nut shell like everything in life just doit! Pick a program and get started you can always tweak as you go depending on your success . If you keep pondering all the what if’s you’ll never get going. Remember to pick the program that aligns with your goals and lifestyle and also is sustainable for the rest of your life. Don’t pick a quick fix, 6 weeks challenge were you are eliminating whole food groups to drop 30 lb and then regain it all after you go back to regular eating habits. You need to retrain your brain to eat good clean healthy Whole Foods so that you can continue this long term.

Again this was just a quick jolt meant to just motivate you and get you on the path.

For more detailed info please reach out for guidance and always remember to consult your doc if you have any underlying condition.

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