Weightlifting/Bodybuilding: Program #3 (8-12 Weeks)

Weightlifting/Bodybuilding: Program #3 (8-12 Weeks)

Creatine 5 grams (plus 5 days loading at 20 grams)

Arginine Alpha-ketoglutarate (AAKG) 12

Pre- or During-Training
High GI carbohydrates (30 grams) + BCAA (10 grams)

High GI carbohydrates (50-100 grams) + BCAA (10 grams)
Whey Protein 25-50 grams

Creatine plus arginine is also considered a very basic and fundamental supplement stack. Argi-
nine alpha-ketoglutarate is preferred, as it appears to be more solidly supported as an ergogen in the medical literature. This combination seems to work extremely well for almost all users, barring a small percentage of individuals who are non-responsive to creatine. Some or the entire creatine dose should be taken in the post-exercise recovery window on training days.

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