Rules 2021 Core Fitness Forum

Here are the Rules for our community. Please read them very carefully:

  1. RESPECT each member on this forum like the way you would like to be respected. Remind yourself that we each work extremely hard in building ourselves physically, emotionally, and most of all, mentally. We, including yourself, are here on this forum for knowledge and guidance.

  2. Do not post ASKING where to get any compound legal or illegal. This is for your protection as well as the rest of the community. This is to avoid any sort of scams that could possibly put the forum, other members, or you in danger.

  3. Inappropriate Conduct: No shit talking or threatening another member. It will not be tolerated and appropriate actions will be taken. A Moderator will delete your post and give you a warning. To avoid being banned from the forum and if you really have a problem with something that was posted just act like an adult about the situation. However, if you persist with it or are threatening, you will be banned until further notice. If you have a difference of opinion thats great we enjoy good conversation. You need to state your opinion in an adult manor though no back and forth arguing but you should definitely post the information that you believe in or have personal experience with always just do it the right way. If you have a problem with what is posted in a sponsors thread, stay out of the thread or you may be removed from posting in ALL sponsors categories.

  4. This is a forum where we discuss hardcore bodybuilding, training, and diet. We DO NOT DISCUSS anything about Recreational Drugs.

  5. Do not post a website or store where someone can purchase something. Those references will be deleted! We support our sponsors and only our sponsors.

  6. Do not use PM (on this or any board) to discuss sources or any “private” subjects. Please keep those discussions through “secure” emails only. We don’t use pm at Core Fitness except to contact staff. Everything can be posted publicly and if you think that it shouldn’t be posted publicly then it probably shouldn’t be posted at all.

  7. It is suggested for all our members to hang around the forum for a while before you even message any members on here. Give the other members a chance to get to know you first. Especially by writing an introduction in the introduction category it should be the first thing you do before just jumping in to the conversation.

  8. No advertising , legal or otherwise, allowed anywhere on the board, for ANYTHING, bodybuilding related or not, unless it is approved by the Admin first.

  9. When members post photos of their progress, and you do not have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all! Critique ONLY if the member posting the photos has asked so!

  10. There is to be no links posted on the site to illegal copyright sites or content. Any such links will be immediately erased and the possibility of banning that member who posts such content.

  11. Members must reach 25 posts before they earn the privilege to post in the restricted forums. The posts must be of a high quality standard as deemed by any Moderator. Any Moderator, at his own discretion, can ban a member deemed to be ‘post whoring’ trying to reach the 25 post count.

  12. or Associated Domains DOES NOT condone illegal activity , so if you wish to break the laws in your country, then it is your own responsibility and your choice.

  13. If any of your posts or comments are such as those mentioned above, that post may be either locked OR simply deleted. However, if you as a member on or Associated Domains is consistent with not following these simple rules, you WILL be banned.

  14. Payment for Reviews: No sponsors are allowed to solicit reviews in the exchange for free products or discounts without stating “Paid Review” at the beginning of the post(s). If a sponsor offers payment for reviews then it must include the same for every review whether positive or negative. Violations will result in the member removed from posting in the sponsors section.

  15. Any member is allowed to run logs, review and post negative or positive reviews regarding sponsors. It is up to each member to determine if they wish to share or not.

  16. Shilling in posts. Shouldnt have to say this but outside of a sponsors category no circle jerking or attempting to derail or hijack a post. This does not pertain to sponsors commenting or advising outside of their category.

  17. Training Services: Trainers must be approved by Admin prior to offering services. No solicitation from a non approved person to member for training. This also includes Diet and Cycle Advice. This protects the member from wasting time or money on someone that is unverified.

Understand we are here to help one another out, giving each other ideas, methods, and/or guidance for a great community experience. Please consider your posts, comments, and/or questions with the same respect you would like to have in return. We are always trying to insure the safety and enjoyment of each of our Members involved here. We appreciate your cooperation, and if you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to tag in @Ephedrine members name.

Ephedrine he takes the emails he receives very serious and believes that only members and sponsors interested in advertising should contact him at Admin at CoreFitnessForum dot com. There are situations though that might require you to email Ephedrine but please be sure that whatever the situation is it can’t be solved by posting @Ephedrine or level 4 Forum Moderator. Also remember that Ephedrine doesn’t involve himself in any illegal activity so don’t believe that because you have emailed him that will change.

Thanks from all the @staff at CoreFitnessForum we appreciate everyone who is a member and we are and will always put our members first. Our members are our first priority no matter what we don’t protect sponsors at CoreFitnessForum like they do at other forums because we don’t have to protect our sponsors because they are in good standing in the community.


Just read the rules.This sounds like it could be a great place here.

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That’s great to hear I was hoping that the rules were fair

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